Stormy J. Froom

In 2023 Stormy J Froom is a practitioner of energetic healing / artist and is living a path of healing in Vancouver, BC. He has involved himself with the Vancouver Pranic Healing Society in 2002. Healing Certificates with DNA Possibilities 2003-2004: E.I.P. - Eliminating Interference Patterns and Rapid Healing. In 2007 he became kundalini awakened and then Tummo activated by Mistress Angelique Serpent. Initiated into many paths for example: Terra-Mai Egyptian Cartouche Healing. Attended many workshops and healing sessions with other healers through the years. In 2023 he attended VortexHealing® Foundational Training and became certified. The author of books for hope and healing named: Memoirs Of A Little Old Man in 2007, Survival Healing 101 in 2012 & 2019, and in 2013 Limbo Of A Little Old Man.