Stormy J. Froom

In 2023 Stormy J Froom is a practitioner of energetic healing / artist and is living a path of healing in Vancouver, BC. He has involved himself with the Vancouver Pranic Healing Society in 2002. Healing Certificates with DNA Possibilities 2003-2004: E.I.P. - Eliminating Interference Patterns and Rapid Healing. In 2007 he became kundalini awakened and then Tummo activated by Mistress Angelique Serpent. Initiated into many paths for example: Terra-Mai Egyptian Cartouche Healing. Attended many workshops and healing sessions with other healers through the years. In 2023 he will be attending Vortex Healing classes to receive training in the modality. Became the author of books for hope and healing named: Memoirs Of A Little Old Man in 2007, Survival Healing 101 in 2012 & 2019, and in 2013 Limbo Of A Little Old Man.